“We love our work and respect our land, its traditions, the quality of its products, its art and the creative talent of the people who passionately make art of their work”


About us

RED Renovation & Design is a company that designs, develops, and builds high-quality architectural solutions for private and public spaces.

The Company is based in London and operates world-wide. Its consulting services range from design to turnkey realization of hotels, residences, villas, offices, exhibition spaces and wellness centres.

RED Renovation & Design employs Italian expertise specialising in the creation of high quality finishes in traditional and contemporary styles, and so is able to offer quality professional services for real estate renovation, new constructions, and interior design.

Over the years, RED has established valuable connections with its suppliers and this has enabled the Company to create a strategic network offering the right solution for any kind of challenge in terms of design or execution.

Thanks to the care we give to each project and to close cooperation with the client, consultants, suppliers and final users, we are able to provide exclusive custom-made solutions which guarantee the best results in terms of architectural space quality, return on investment in the property, and customer satisfaction.







The Team

Chiara Alfieri
Project Manager
Marco Giovanni Fausti
Technical Manager

Our Clients

Italian Quality

RED has long been an iconic Italian colour. - a colour synonymous with such brands as Ferrari and Valentino RED, and a colour which conjures up images of world famous style.

To us RED means passion, a passion that drives us in our work, an essential aspect to the pleasure of decorating spaces, always creating new memories and ideas.

We pursue excellence.

Renaissance craftsmen working with digital instrumentation: (read more)

Our Partners




Our services include preliminary design, preparation of three-dimensional images to illustrate the project (3D rendering), preparation of samples (sample board), cost estimates for the project, preparation of working drawings, work planning, project management, including the production and supply of furniture items (custom-built or ready-made), laying and installation on-site, quality control and certification of the work performed.

Renewing one’s house can be extremely exciting, or even extremely stressful depending on our individual attitude.
Our task is to help our customers bring out the requirements and priorities that they want to give to the new space, and assist them in the right choices of layout, materials and finishes.
The technical aspect of the construction will be managed by our team. They will ensure the proper functioning of all parts of the installation and oversee the assembly of bespoke or ready-made supplies. Discussions with the client will cover every detail, and include the sharing of opinions on choices. 

Our extensive experience in the interior design and architectural renovation of very diverse types of property, will give you the help you need to deal with the transformation of your loft, or any other space you have available, whether it is a basement, garage, or attic.

No room is too small or too large to benefit from a change; our conversions have excellent functional as well as aesthetic results.

Extending your property is the best way to increase your living space and, at the same time, maximize its economic value.
Our extensive experience allows us to support you in all phases of the work, from the choices of design and materials, and throughout the whole construction process.

All electrical installations are carried out by skilled and certified workers, ensuring that the electrical work and wiring for all the projects managed by our company are perfectly executed.
Our skills include expertise in home automation systems and in the remote control of individual utilities.
A very good combination occurs in the use of home automation systems with installations that use solar energy, such as photovoltaic panels and solar thermal panels; and considerable use can also be found for automating light installations, openings, safety, management of pools and dynamic lighting, both in private residences as well as in spas, wellness centres, hotels and public spaces.  

Comfort in our living environment, both at home and at work, is greatly affected by the efficiency of our heating and water systems.

These systems affect our well-being, and their level of efficiency has an impact on our finances.

The installation of good heating and water systems, coupled with proper maintenance, will really make a difference to our well-being and also prevent the waste of valuable resources.

The RED team will always offer its clients a variety of solutions to renovate their home or office in such a way that its energy efficiency is optimized. We certainly do not want to waste money and resources, therefore we recommend solutions that may include:

1. Insulation of exterior or interior walls
2. Replacement of windows with low-emissivity types of glass
3. Installation of condensing boilers
4. Installation of floor heating connected to solar panels for hot water production.

These energy-saving solutions can be chosen separately according to individual needs, but each one of them can ensure a defined and controllable level of savings in terms of costs and resources.

"Good food is the foundation of happiness" Auguste Escoffier

Red Renovation & Design - Italian Style - offers a wide-range of solutions in design and materials in keeping with the traditional care that Italy dedicates to this important part of a house.

Over the years this place in the house has assumed increasing importance as a place of gathering and sharing for friends and family, as an area of aesthetic quality: as such it has become increasingly visible and no longer considered merely to be an area for food preparation.

Functionality, ergonomics and the harmony of colours and materials will be taken care of and chosen according to the particularities of your home and in accordance with your wishes. Every technical detail in the installation and the assembly will be taken care of by our technicians and our skilled workers

In its Italian concept, the bathroom area encloses elements of well-being together with functionality and beauty.

We take special pride in the design and functionality of bathrooms with that special atmosphere, both classical and contemporary.

The high quality of the materials we use for coatings, flooring and decorations, puts our distinctive mark on the bathroom spaces we create.

The bathroom becomes a place where the simple action of washing, becomes a ritual of well-being and relaxation. 

Red will work alongside you in the design and architectural landscaping of all your green spaces. We will be able to enhance even the smallest of spaces, or decorate your shops or commercial areas with greenery, by choosing the plants and fragrances that best suit your needs.

The planning of green areas is an essential part of the living environment, especially for public spaces or welcome areas, such as those found in hotels, resorts and wellness centres.

Our task will be to design not only the layout of the green space, but all the accompanying furnishings : furniture, the types of plants and flowers, scenic lighting, diffuse lighting, pavements and paths, gazebos, and pergolas, in order to enrich your home or your green space in such a way as to make it an unforgettable experience for those who go there.

RED Renovation & Design has established commercial partnerships with well-known Italian suppliers. We are thus able to source outstanding quality furniture and top quality accessories, with a vast selection of choices, offering our customers a guarantee at the time of purchase which covers assembly and maintenance of the goods, if required.

We offer direct sales of products and building materials from Italy - aimed at industry and local businesses.

Special ecological plasters are available : cocciopesto, faux marble, tonachino , and Venetian plaster are some of the possibilities. Marble and natural stones, mosaics, special pieces, and many more options are available.

Contact us with your requests and we will we provide you with the relevant catalogues and some personalized offers.

Our long experience of working in a city like Rome, has led us to examine all the techniques of restoring historic and protected buildings.

We aim, wherever possible, and to the best of our ability, to use natural materials on the façades: coloured lime plaster, water-repellent and anti-smog treatments - materials that have worked best aesthetically and performance-wise on historical buildings.

Our workers are skilled in the restoration and maintenance of wooden window and door fixtures, and use high-performance ecological products, which are highly nutritious for frame structures.

Problems can often arise in historical buildings, especially in the installation of electrical , and water systems. Our technical staff look for the best solutions for the building to be compliant with legal standards, whilst at the same time trying to preserve the original structures.

Red Renovation & Design with its technical staff is able to design and construct new buildings.

Thanks to decades of design experience and our partners' cooperation, we can take on public and private projects of small to medium scale.


The best investment for your property will certainly be one that will lead to an increase in its real estate value.

For this reason it would be good practice to carry out maintenance work on a regular basis, in order not to have to spend large amounts on emergency maintenance of your property.

We carry out the maintenance of roofs and roofing, both for wooden and other types of structures. We intervene on outer and inner walls, as regards the insulation and also the maintenance of structures and coating. We deal with the replacement and maintenance of all wooden fixtures.

We also deal with the replacement and maintenance of wood and stone floors, as well as maintenance of bathrooms and kitchens, for both installations and interiors.

All these jobs are, naturally, performed by skilled workers with individual expertise, and they are supervised by our technicians during execution , as specified in the contracts signed by the parties.

We have been operating for several years in the design and construction of exhibition stands and pavilions for private events and fairs.

We manage the production and installation of materials and special pieces, if required by the design, in order to achieve a highly representative space for your events.


The most enjoyable part of the entire design project is perhaps the interior furnishing and the designing of customized furniture and accessories.

This phase allows us to fully express our imagination and knowledge of design.

The Italian designers' commitment to interior design is proven by the countless Italian brands that are much in demand today.

RED designs interiors for both contemporary buildings and those in the classical style. Our proven expertise in interior design is a guarantee of reliability and creativity. 

Green Building

The value of biocompatible materials

Have you ever thought about how important a simple action, such as renovating your house, is for your health and well-being?

Depending on the materials and installations chosen for refurbishment, this action can trigger radically different mechanisms.

Any building material has its own life cycle: production - distribution - use - disposal.

Many processes used in the production of building materials can cause pollution of the environment.

It is useful to consider an example: (read more)



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“Details make perfection
and perfection is not a detail”
Leonardo da Vinci